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my portfolio is a body of collected work covering over fifteen years. from initial concept to final product, my work is the culmination of a lifetime of study, observation, and a great deal of trial and error.

please enjoy and thank you for your interest.

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    I am a digital artist, web designer, and front-end developer, specializing in the creation of interactive rich user-experiences that seek to deliver a brand message in a fun and engaging way.

    My career began at the first large-scale internet company in 1998, at U.S.Interactive in Los Angeles where we launched Adidas, NFL, and much more. I then proceeded to San Francisco where I worked at Apple in Cupertino, for CKS Partners for 2 years with a specialization in designing websites and animating in Flash and multimedia and actionscript programming.

    Upon closure of CKS, I moved to San Diego to do creative direction for a small firm in the real-estate brokerage market and after one year, moved back to Los Angeles to work at Saatchi & Saatchi and handle Toyota for the next 3 years, followed by another 5 years of automotive-work for Nissan, Acura, Scion, and Chrysler/Dodge

    The past 4 years since 2010, I have mixed it up, working with Activision on Call Of Duty, doing 360-video solutions and touch-screens in Amsterdam, and working in Detroit with Chrysler for Admit One Productions.

    My specialties include: Concepting, Digital Design, Ad Media, Interactive Touch Displays, Front-end code development in HTML/CSS, Advanced OOP Javascript and Actionscript.

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